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About the GENERATION Competition


New to us this year is our Generation class.  This was added as a celebration of the breeding lines of our Sheltie.  You work very hard to produce a “look”, structure and temperament in your breeding program and we would like to give you the opportunity to show this off.


Rules of the Generation Class:

1.  The Entry must consist of at least 3 generations starting with age 6 months and up. *we thought 4-6 could compete but were mistaken.


2.  They do not have to be a specific sex or combination of sexes.


3.  At least ONE of the Generation must also be entered in a regular breed ring class.


4.  This class will be shown in conjunction with our Stud Dog Class and our Brood Bitch Class that are Sex Specific


5. Only the dog or bitch entered in a regular breed ring class must be intact, the others entered in the class may be spayed or neutered.


6.  The Generations class(as well as Stud Dog and Brood Bitch) entry fee is 10.00  One entry fee per entry (ex: You want to show a mother, her son and his daughter?  The daughter is entered in a breed class (the third part of a three generation), you enter the daughter’s AKC # and the fee is $10.00.  You will bring all three in the ring according to the generation, you will enter the ring as Mother 1st, Son 2nd, Daughter of Son 3rd, all with the same arm band #.


7.  Only a 1st place will be given and this does not go towards AKC points or qualifying them to enter the Best of Breed ring, expedition only.


8. The judge will be looking at consistency and betterment in your lines.





Left to Right  (Visiting with Mom and Grandma)

Canami Cambrian Sunrise, Canami's the Legend of Zelda, Canami Nautica

Syracuse, NY



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